Mechanical Engineer

The Role

Skyborn Research is looking for an engineer to join our mechanical team and build novel robotic systems from the ground up. We see two major hurdles to adoption in the robotics industry: cost and ease of use. We’re developing low-cost robots in-house to further this vision.

As a mechanical engineer you will work on all aspects of our robots. The role spans from designing structures and transmission systems to working with our manufacturing partners to bring your designs to life. You’ll also work closely with our in-house design team to create clever solutions that meet requirements from all sides. We’re hiring for all levels from a recent graduate to an experienced senior engineer. Apply and help us continue to deliver our vision of low-cost, powerful robots driven by computer vision!



Job specifics

About Us

We build robots in Amsterdam and Boston. We’re a robotics startup with a vision to increase affordability and intelligence of robotic systems. We’re looking to grow our team and are offering the opportunity to have an impact on an exploding industry.

Want to learn more about our robots and our design philosophy, and be part of the future of robotics? Get in touch and let’s have a chat!