Summer Intern

The Role

Skyborn Research is looking for interns across all aspects of our product! We see two major hurdles to adoption in the robotics industry: cost and ease of use. We’re developing the full stack for low-cost, AI-powered robots in our studios in Amsterdam, Boston and Izmir. If you’re a current engineering student and have a passion for robotics we have a role for you!

Our interns are given projects and mentors that fit their background and interests. Each internship is designed to last approximately 10 weeks. During this time the student will work as a member of a cross-functional team to determine requirements, design and build a project that will have outsize impact on our product. Recent interns have worked on computer vision algorithms, core SDK APIs and high-volume data visualization tools. We look to get to know each applicant and work with them to find a project that they’re both excited about and can have high impact on our products.

Requirements for software developer of assistive robot


Requirements for hardware developer of assistive robot


Requirements for industrial designer of assistive robot


Job specifics

About Us

Skyborn Research, with a mission of “empowering people to do more” is at the forefront of the development of robotics and artificial intelligence technologies. Skyborn aims to become one of the world’s preeminent specialist designers and builders of consumer robots. Skyborn invests in the development and growth of its people, in a culture of empowerment, innovation and fun. Come work with some of the most talented and influential people in the robotics field utilizing cutting edge technologies, in an exciting, fast-growing industry!

Want to learn more about our robots and our design philosophy, and be part of the future of robotics? Get in touch and let’s have a chat!