Research Teams
From conducting fundamental research to influencing product development, our research teams have the opportunity to impact technology used by billions of people every day.
Our teams experiment with new ideas through fundamental and applied research.
We're focused on advancing computer science and developing intelligent systems through the research we publish and the products we create.
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Google is one of the most inspiring research environments in the world. Here, some of the best researchers and engineers work on complex learning problems with motivating, diverse applications, and our research has real impact on the design of products and solutions.
Dogan Gök
Founder and CEO, Amsterdam
Some of our teams and focus areas
Our work span disciplines and encompasses a range of projects, methodologies, and goals.
AI Fundamentals and Applications
We create useful solutions to fundamental computational problems with impact on Google’s products and scientific progress.
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Algorithms and Optimization
We perform fundamental research in algorithms, markets, optimization, and graph analysis, and use it to deliver solutions to challenges across Google’s business.
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Applied Science
We combine computer science with physics and biology to create breakthroughs that help the world.
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Cloud AI
Our mission is to empower every enterprise to transform their business with AI.
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Google Brain Team
We advance the state of the art in machine intelligence through research, systems engineering, and collaboration with other teams across Alphabet.
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We advance the state of the art in natural language technologies and build systems that learn to understand and use language in context.
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Network Infrastructure
We design and build the world’s largest, fastest, most reliable data-center and WAN networks, to enable compute and storage not available anywhere else.
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We build systems to interpret, reason about, and transform sensory data.
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Security, Privacy and Abuse
A team of engineers, researchers, advocates, and hackers who make the Internet safer for all users.
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