An overview of experimental prototyping projects to test and evaluate the vision of home robotics

Who we are

We are Skyborn Research. We are the Research & Development unit of Skyborn. Skyborn is a holistic premium brand that focuses on building innovative consumer products that are based on neuroscience, robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

What this is about

The vision of home robotics is ubiquitous. As a transdisciplinary team of designers, technologists and researchers, we were looking for a way to prototype the concepts we've been working on. We have developed several experimental prototyping platforms to test and evaluate the vision of home robotics. This repository is the place where we have brought some of these prototyping platforms together. All information about our education-oriented robot prototyping projects lives here.

Why whe share this

We create and share the various education-oriented robot prototyping projects to offer our interns and prospective employees the necessary training material. By having our trainees and prospective employees work on real physical hardware and robot platforms on the one hand and software, machine learning and artificial intelligence on the other we prepare them to take place within our workforce and to participate in realizing the cutting-edge technology that we will soon be putting on the market. By working on various prototypes, large and small, the trainees will gather the necessary knowledge and competences as well and as quickly as possible.

Getting started

For getting started head over to one of the research projects on:

For getting started head over to one of the teaching resources on: